Voting Members:

Rev. Paul Larson / CLB President

Rev. Phil Heiser / Secretary / term ends 2016

Mr. Bernie Foster (Canada) / term ends 2016

Rev. John Overland (Canada) / term ends 2018

Mr. Greg Butler (Canada) / term ends 2018

Roy Heggland (Eastern) / term ends 2016

Rev. Brad Hoganson (Eastern) / term ends 2018

Mr. Matthew DeKok (Eastern) / term ends 2018

Mr. Robert McElfatrick (Central) / term ends 2016

Rev. Richard Iverson (Central) / term ends 2016

Mr. Michael Swenson (Central) /term ends 2018

Mr. Dan Bundy (Western) / term ends 2016

Rev. Ron Erickson (Western) / term ends 2016

Mr. Marvin Nelson (Western) / term ends 2018

Mr. Larry Fransson (Pacific) / term ends 2016 / Chairman

Rev. James Erickson (Pacific) / term ends 2018

Mr. Warren Hall (Pacific) / term ends 2018



Non-Voting Members:

Rev. Matthew Rogness / Director of International Missions

Mr. LaWayne Rogness / Director of Finance & Personnel

Dr. David Veum / President of Lutheran Brethren Seminary

Rev. Troy Tysdal / Director of Communications & Prayer

Mrs. Ruth Vallevik / Director of Women’s Ministries

Rev. Warren Geraghty / Regional Pastor (Eastern Region)

Rev. Stan Olsen / Regional Pastor (Central Region)

Rev. Gary Witkop / Regional Pastor (Western Region)

Rev. Phil Heiser / Regional Pastor (Pacific Region)

Rev. Roger Olsen / Regional Pastor (Canadian Region)

The Theological Council

Theological Council shall be composed of the Regional Pastors, the Director of International Mission, two of the ordained layperson members of the Council of Directors selected annually by the Council of Directors, the President of the Lutheran Brethren Seminary, one member of the Seminary faculty (selected annually by the Seminary faculty), and the Synodical President. The Synodical President shall chair the Theological Council. It will meet at the call of the Synodical President and/or Council of Directors.

Constitution Article III.E.2

The Theological Council shall provide leadership for the church on theological issues. It shall make its recommendations to the Council of Directors on all proposals relating to the interpretation, amendment and/or changes to the Church of the Lutheran Brethren Statement of Faith and Position Papers.

By-Laws Article I.B.2

Council of Directors Meetings

The last meeting of the Council of Directors:
February 12-13, 2015
Fullerton, CA

Meeting Minutes:
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Next Meeting of the Council of Directors:
October, 2015
Fergus Falls, MN