The Apostle Peter wrote, β€œLive such good lives among the pagans that, though they accuse you of doing wrong, they may see your good deeds and glorify God...” (1 Peter 2:12). As a denomination, we have felt God calling us to more intentionally reach out to our neighbors in North America. This means more than opening our doors for an hour on Sunday morning. It means being the Church... outside the church. It means building relationships individually and collectively with people and communities who are not living in relationship with Jesus Christ.

This Spirit-driven desire for revival in North America has led our Regional Pastors (RPs) to focus their efforts on organizing and equipping congregations to plant churches. Our RPs have led church planting summits and have performed readiness assessments for our congregations. They have resourced pastors in developing individual strategies for church planting success.

With the guidance of our RPs, church clusters have formed in our Regions to support church plants in cities and towns. In Pasadena, California, a new Lutheran Brethren congregation has begun to emerge. It’s called Redemption Church. In our Central Region, Bethel Lutheran Church, of Fergus Falls, Minnesota, has opened a second campus in the nearby community of Battle Lake. In our Western Region, Grace Lutheran Brethren Church of Bismarck, North Dakota, has engaged a neighboring community with the hope of one day planting a Lutheran Brethren congregation there. And in our Eastern Region a group of like-minded pastors have banded together to assist the CLB in planting churches in major cities.

It is our prayer that these seeds of hope will be part of a great revival in North America, not for the glory of the CLB, but for the glory and expansion of the Kingdom of God.

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The Regions of the CLB

The Church of the Lutheran Brethren is divided into five regions in North America. Four regions in the United States and the Church of the Lutheran Brethren in Canada.