YS2019 Happened

For the second year in a row the CLB helped to send 22 youth workers to Youth Specialties. With the synod’s help and all of us pooling our resources together, what would have been a conference costing $1200 or more per person became a conference that cost for some as little as $400. In addition, by attending the conference as a group we were able to connect with one another and to process the things that we heard while at YS2019.

We invite you to check out the two articles written by two of our attendees, to check out the highlight video, our photo gallery, and consider attending with us next year.

In the coming months we will begin to invite people to sign up for next years conference, which is being held in Columbus, Ohio, November 18-22.



As a first timer, going to Youth Specialties was wonderful.  There were many highlights from the convention. From breakout sessions that offered specific discussion topics to the “Big Room” where we were able to worship and be ministered to, it was all a great experience. One of the things that stands out most though is the time spent in conversation with other youth workers, sharing experiences, challenges and blessings that come from working with teens.

If someone were to ask me if it was worth going to, my answer would be YES, definitely!  It is thee, place to get resources to equip you to work with youth. As a volunteer youth worker with no formal training, Youth Specialties offered me training and ideas! Everything from what and how to study the bible with teens, games to play, to snack suggestions. From books to apps, I came home feeling equipped and with tools in hand to have a productive and successful youth group time.

Attending Youth Specialties not only helped equip me with lesson plans and ideas for youth group, but gave me an opportunity to grow my own relationship with Jesus, build relationships with other youth workers, and provided real life stories of challenges our youth face today.

Thank you to the CLB for investing in those that work with youth. 

Molly Baune has been a volunteer youth leader at Berea Lutheran Church in Alexandria, MN for the last 3 years.  She and her husband Tony of 18 years have 2 children, Elly(15) and Austin(13). They enjoy spending time with family and friends and attending their children’s activities. Molly is an administrative specialist for a local realtor.  She enjoys serving in her church and is also the co-Sunday School Superintendent, sings with the praise team and helps wherever needed when possible. She is currently serving on the Young Life start up board in Alexandria and helping her sister start an online boutique to help fund the efforts to stop human trafficking.


“I had to count again but I figured out that I have been to seven National Youth Workers Convention’s or NYWC’s. I always figure the highlights are going to be certain speakers or the concerts that they provide as entertainment. The first two NYWC’s I went to, those were the highlights. This year, like the past couple years, the highlights were the interactions with other youth workers. I am continually amazed at how so many people can gather together and have so many differences in so many different ways but share the same goal: reaching teenagers for Jesus. Same goal. Different tactics. “Different strokes for different folks” if you will.

This year and last year the CLB sent a group of youth workers to NYWC. It was awesome. We got to share with those within our own denomination each others burdens and successes in ministry which has proven to be a bigger gift that I ever anticipated. It allows us to “let our hair down” and enjoy time together in simplest form: conversations.

If you have a youth worker who is brand new to the ministry or YOU ARE the brand new youth worker, the training is second to none. You have almost immediate access to all the most influential people in our community. It’s priceless. On the other hand, going to a convention that is based downtown in any city we stay in that year can be a tough sell to the trustees of any church. What cannot be accounted for is the time “spent with our tribe”. This alone is worth going. Showing up and laughing and in some cases crying with others that serve in the same position as you is not something you think you need until you have it. Also…… resources, resources, resources. Start your youth worker off right by putting them in contact with people who have been where they are at where they will be in the future. Let them learn. Let them absorb.

Every year I go, I have one goal: be open to what the Spirit has to say to me outside my city limits. Every year the Spirit is faithful.

Thank you to those in the CLB that make NYWC possible. They have offered tickets to go to this two years in a row now and I know all those who have attended are thankful. As am I.”

My name is Gene Davis. I am 37 years old and have been married to my lovely bride Kate Davis for 15 years this last November. Together we have four kiddos of our own. Their names are Caleb(13), Emma(11), Violet(10) and Tray(9).
We serve the youth of Williston, ND at The LB Church, Williston. We have served in that call for a little over 5 years. I love Youth Ministry and 20 years into it, I still love it.



Digital Downloads from the Convention: https://mailchi.mp/2080bbf3ea39/nywc-2018-digital-downloads-full-convention-373767?e=22c944a514