On March 26, 2020 a dozen or more CLBA pastors and youth workers joined forces for an 80 minute conference call to discuss the issues they are facing as they lead their ministries in the midst of COVID-19.

Below you will see several categories and a brief description of the ideas that pertain to each of them.

Technology Ideas:

  • Utilizing ZOOM and Webex for interactive video calls
  • Using Instagram live
  • If you use ZOOM, note that you can modify and customize your backgrounds
  • If you use ZOOM, note that you can break out into small groups while using it as needed
  • Consider using texting services like GROUPME and Mozeo to text groups
  • If you use GROUPME, consider using their polls and event RSVP abilities
  • Consider using a countdown video when your videos go live yet before your program/event happens as people join your digital room
  • Consider making a podcast. One idea for those who do is to interview students and replay that interview.
  • Consider using the SIDEKICK app by Download Youth Ministry for online games (a free month is available right now)
  • Consider using the game SPYCHE
  • Consider setting up a Minecraft serve for your youth group
  • Consider using the REMIND app (a teacher app) for parent reminders
  • Netflix allows you to watch the same movie simultaneously
  • Consider an INSTAGRAM challenge
  • Consider a game of “Would you rather?” with 1 or more students via video
  • Consider playing a game of “Family Feud” online at youth group. (DYM)


General Relationship Building Ideas:

  • Call students on the phone
  • Play online video games with students
  • Send postcards in the mail
  • Play battleship with a student via a video call
  • Play the “Guess Who” game with students
  • Play “Rock Paper Scissors” with students

Things to take note of:

  • Students ministry and FOMO
  • We can’t neglect a relational ministry at this time
  • Meet with your leaders