The Digital Age

The long, strange trip that saw four core members of the David Crowder*Band become The Digital Age has yielded one stunning testament to multi- dimensional faith: faith in the music, faith expressed through the music and faith the musicians had in each other. Along with Crowder compatriots Jack Parker, Jeremy “B-Wack” Bush and Mike “Mike D” Dodson, Waldrop set out to create a disc that maintained the best of their old, beloved band. Yes, that means sinewy rhythms, undeniable hooks, and infectious melody, as evidenced in the first single and leadoff track, “Captured.” But it also means maintaining a beating-heart belief that the Church is beautiful, diverse, creative and alive … and that these qualities should be reflected in the music that the Church and The Digital Age create. “The Digital Age mission picks up where we left off,” Waldrop says. “It’s alt rock that’s compelling lyrically and musically, and we’re still obsessed with the concept record. So we’re carrying over what we did before. This is all we know, to write together and work together. It feels new, but a lot of it is a carry over; it’s not too, too huge a departure.”

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