What have you been hearing and reading about most the last few months? I am guessing 99% of you quickly landed on coronavirus and everything connected to it. Therein lies our problem. As understandable as it may be to focus a great deal on COVID-19, we need to be aware of our human tendency to lose the ultimate good as we are pursuing the “necessary response” to our immediate situation.

After all, it is good to follow social distancing guidelines and learn how to use Facebook Live or Zoom to connect during this time. It is the proper use of common sense to wash hands, cover our mouths for coughing or sneezing, and protect each other from spreading this virus. It is also necessary to plan for reopening our businesses and our church buildings. You and I could both add to this list based on our particular contexts. But let’s not do that.

Instead I need to ask myself, do I need a recalibration? Do I need to honestly examine the direction of my time, my energy, and what is feeding my soul? Am I much more in tune with the latest pandemic news than I am God’s promises? Do I pay more attention to Dr. Fauci, President Trump, and other “Virus Voices” than I do the words of Jesus? Is my God and my Savior shaping my thoughts—or is something else?

God Almighty never settles for being a background voice or a god based on my convenience. He knows far better than I do that he must be my “all in all” if I am to find peace and rest. He is my Creator, my Redeemer and the great lover of my soul. I am incredibly blessed when I see God as he truly is. Do you agree?

A little while ago I posted a video about my daily prayer walks for all the CLB North American congregations. I started these jaunts during this social distancing time as a way to kill two birds with one stone. I can get some exercise while praying. What I quickly realized was that the prayers for others helped me see everything a little more clearly. It placed my thoughts where I need them to be. In Jesus, I find my hope, my peace, and myself. I am reminded that the main good and necessity in life is unchanging… fear, love, and trust God above everything.

That pretty much sums it up: whether it’s COVID-19, or anything else that comes my way!

Rev. Nick Mundis is Director of North American Mission for the Church of the Lutheran Brethren.

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