Church of the Lutheran Brethren,

We are in the month of September and that means we are just over four months through our 2016-17 fiscal year. Right now we have raised $449,789 of our 2.7-million-dollar contribution goal. That has us behind our anticipated giving goal of $514,085 by roughly $65,000. That is a 13% shortfall. We would like to see the gap between anticipated giving and actual contributions begin to decrease and we are trusting the Lord that it will.

On a positive note, at our Biennial Convention this summer we commissioned David and Sonja Narvesen to be our next missionaries to the unreached people of Chad. They have now completed their training at MTI in Colorado and will be leaving for France in December to begin learning the French language in preparation for their work in Chad. We praise God for them, and we praise God for you. Your gifts will put this couple on the ground… where they will share the good news of Jesus Christ with those who have never heard before. Thank you for your gifts!

If you have any questions please feel free to contact LaWayne Rogness, Director of Finance and Personnel. If you would like to contribute to the CLB please click here: MAKE A DONATION

God bless,

Troy Tysdal
Director of Communications & Prayer
Church of the Lutheran Brethren

LBS Class of 2016
LBS 2016-17 Opening Service