Romans Chapter 5

by Luke Kjolhaug

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Romans 5 Discussion Questions

  1. Q: Do you think that most people today are worried about whether they have peace with God? Why or why not?
    A: Answers will vary. Generally speaking, people in today’s increasingly secular culture often aren’t concerned about this question.
  1. Q: What are some ways that people today do try to find peace with God?
    A: Answers will vary, but might include such things as meditation, prayer, giving to charity, asceticism (shunning earthly comforts), going to church/other houses of worship, obeying rules, living a moral life, etc.

  2. Q: Read Romans 5:1. How does the Apostle Paul say we can have peace with God?
    A: Peace with God is only possible through faith in Jesus Christ.

  3. Q: Read Romans 5:12-17. How did sin first come into the world?
    A: (Hint – v. 12). Sin first came into the world through the Fall, when Adam & Eve ate the forbidden fruit in the Garden of Eden. Read Genesis 3 for the full backstory.

  4. Q: What were the consequences of Adam (& Eve)’s first sin in the Garden?
    A: (Hint – v. 12). Death came to all people. Death was not originally part of God’s design, but only came later as a result of sin. God also punished sin through a series of curses on all parts of Creation (see Genesis 3:14-19).

  5. Q: The Apostle Paul says that Adam was a “type” or “pattern” of the one to come (v. 14)—a.k.a. Jesus. In other words, Jesus is the new and better Adam who succeeded where the first Adam failed. Read about Jesus’ temptation in the wilderness in Matthew 4:1-11. How is this story different from The Fall?
    A: While Adam & Eve gave in when tempted by Satan, Jesus didn’t give in and instead fully obeyed God. Jesus also fully trusted God’s Word—using it to ward off Satan’s attacks—while Adam & Eve questioned God’s Word (see Genesis 3:1: “Did God REALLY say…”). Finally, while Adam & Even attempted to reason and argue with Satan, Jesus simply quoted Scripture & rebuked Him.

  6. Q: What areas of failure/struggle in your own life do you need to claim Jesus’ victory over sin? How does His victory bring you comfort?
    A: Answers will vary. If kids are reluctant to share, it might help to share a struggle of your own.

  7. Q: How does having peace with God affect your personal identity? In other words, how does it help you answer the question, “Who am I?”
    A: Answers will vary. Help kids to see that peace with God brings freedom. No longer do we have to be defined by other people’s opinions, since God’s opinion is the only one that matters—and His opinion won’t change. Nothing we can do will ever make Him love us more or less. It can’t be earned. It is a gift (Read v. 15).