Romans Chapter 16

by Daniel Berge

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Study Questions on Romans 16:25-27

1. As we leave our study of Romans, we want to be strong, standing on a firm foundation in our faith. Paul shares this concern. Who does Paul say is responsible for establishing or strengthening us?

[In verse 25, Paul places says that it is God himself who does this. God is “the one who is able…” This can be seen as the verse starts, “to him who is able,” and then returns later to the same language to define more clearly who that is in verse 27 when it says, “to the only wise God.”]

2. Paul says that this work of establishing us is accomplished according to what?

[In verse 25, Paul says this is done [1] “according to my gospel” and [2] “the preaching of Jesus Christ.” We don’t need to see these a two different things, but as we have seen throughout Romans, Paul’s gospel is in fact the preaching of Jesus Christ, and all that this message involves. *Some translations (NIV) read “by my gospel” instead of “according to my gospel.”]

3. What is the mystery Paul refers to in verse 25?

[The mystery is the preaching of Jesus Christ, the gospel, and all that it entails. It was always God’s plan to save the world through Jesus, he first made this mysterious plan known to the world in the Old Testament writings, and he has now brought it to completion in the birth, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ.]

4. Who is this gospel for?

[Verse 26 describes this as for “all nations” (some translations might say “to” all nations). In the church at Rome, this was especially meaningful as there were some divisions between Jews and gentiles. This message wasn’t and still isn’t limited to one group or another, but is for all people.”]

5. Do you have a hard time thinking this gospel is for everyone you know?

[This question can help all of us think about how we view those around us. We tend to get defensive, and often put people into groups that we like and/or don’t like. However, if God is willing to die for us (even while we were sinners [Rom 5:8]), there is no way we can keep others from this message because ‘we don’t like them.’ It’s our calling to share this word of truth with all people!]

6. How can you help make this gospel known?

[There are many ways that this question can be answered. Encourage, and at times challenge the students to consider how to make these truths known to others. It may be important to encourage building healthy relationships with unbelievers, so that they can share through friendships. Different people have different gifts and will think of different opportunities.]