Romans Chapter 14

by Daniel Emery Price

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Romans 14
Free Enough Not to Judge

  1. What does it mean to be “weak in faith?”

Weak faith is not what we might think it is. Weak faith is weak trust in the finished work of Christ. Weak faith reveals itself when we think we must do or not do something to get God’s approval. As faith gets stronger, it trusts less and less in doing or not doing and looks only to Jesus.

  1. How do we judge other Christians?

Christian judgement works in two directions. One may look at someone who lives in more freedom and pass judgement on them thinking: “They don’t care about doing all the right things.” While the one living in more freedom may judge the one following more rules by thinking: “If they. Really understood freedom in the gospel, they wouldn’t be so uptight.” These judgements are both weak faith showing up. Both are an attempt to make yourself better than someone else, apart from Christ.

  1. How do we not be a stumbling block?

Freedom is a tricky thing. It is not just the freedom to do something but is also the freedom not to do that thing. When we discover that certain things offend our brother or sister and cause them to stumble, we are free to not do that thing around them. Jesus is all we need. We don’t need to do anything. That means we don’t need to do things we are free to do if they offend another. At least not around them.

  1. Could I ruin my witness?

It all depends on what you’re bearing witness to. If what you’re proclaiming is a Christianity that makes you a better rule follower, yes, you could ruin that by what you do. But if you are bearing witness to the good news that Jesus came for losers and that He saves those who could never save themselves, that witness is almost impossible to ruin. And the second is most certainly what we should be proclaiming.