Parents, as you read Jonathan McKee’s newest book, “Parenting Generation Screen,” you might be inclined to cancel your kids’ cell phone service, but be encouraged to keep reading it for many great practical insights into helping your teens manage the responsibility of technology.

In it, you will hear tons of gospel-based relationship building tips for parents. And while there are many ideas for parents, there are just as many for students and for youth workers. In addition, not only do I believe that this book will help you with this important topic, but I also believe that it will help you to have a stronger relationship with your student(s).

As well, in this book you will hear some significant research which will challenge your understanding on the impact of devices. And while the book aims to strengthen relationships, it does not abandon setting boundaries with our kids. As well, while the book poses some scary scenarios, the end message is not of “fear” but as I said before, one of gospel-based relationship building help for parents.

Briefly, I want to name a few highlights and insights:

  • Insight #1 – At the end of the book there are helpful discussion questions to help you to dialogue with students about the impact of technology.
  • Insight #2 – If you have ever struggled with trying to figure out how old a child should be when they receive their first phone, Jonathan lays out a strong case for “maturity over age” as a strategy for knowing when the right time is.
  • Insight #3 – Inside this book you will see a well thought out discussion on the impact on self-esteem because of technology.
  • Insight #4 – Inside this book are some great practical ideas to understand, such as “social media addiction,” comparing tablets to phones, and a discussion on “the fear of exclusion.”
  • Insight #5 – This book will help you to teach your students about the online dangers such as predators and more.

Jonathan will be our featured guest at next summer’s youth workers continuing education. To RSVP for this, send Mark an email at [email protected] and include your name and an address to mail it to. To view our schedule and to learn about our speaker, go to

In the coming months we look forward to a great give away related to this new tool.


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