“Ode to Youth Group Road Trips”

  • Written by Mark Johannesen
  • Performed by Beau Sibuma

This is dedicated to any youth worker who has ever taken a multi-day road trip with their students.

Once upon a time there was a road trip to a youth conference or a missions trip

One ten day trip was planned, hotels reserved, vans rented, four chaperones were recruited, and a route and schedule were planned.

An informational meeting was held for all that were interested in early September.

A deadline was named of November 15th and numerous reminders were given in support of that.

Thirteen students signed up and paid the deposit before the deadline, but Wesley signed up two weeks late.

Eleven teens fundraised for months BUT two students’ parents wrote checks and paid for the event in full.

One Thousand dollars were raised at a bake sale and five hundred dollars was raised at the car wash and four thousand dollars was donated in response to service projects students did.

One donor gave three thousand dollars to be used for scholarships

With three days until the trip departed Jonnie bailed on the trip because of a soccer camp that he forgot he registered for.

With just twelve hours to go, Bridget announced she was fighting a case of mono but that she was cleared to go.

On time at seven in the morning on a Tuesday in June, fourteen persons arrived on time and loaded their gear into the vans and trailers, but two adults were not to be found and two students had overslept.

Fifty minutes later everyone was accounted for, the group was prayed over and on the road they went.

While on the road one student couldn’t hold their lunch in and got car sick and two girls fought over one guy.

After seventeen hours on the road the group arrived at basecamp.

While at camp, God moved incredibly.

Three students revealed that they now believed in Jesus.

One student announced that they’re considering full time international missions.

Those two girls who fought over that guy offered forgiveness to each other for their brutal behavior and that guy had no clue.

After a twenty-one hour drive home and yes it took four hours longer to get home, dirt filled suitcases were taken from the trailers and parents were hugged.

The next Sunday at church testimonies from the trip were given and despite all the stress points during the trip, the trip was most definitely worth it.



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