Beau and Erin Sibuma live for camp. Their relationship started as a camp crush, and camp was the natural soil they grew in. They looked forward to seeing each other at Warm Beach Bible Camp every summer—after the fall, winter, and spring in their respective home towns in Washington State.

Flash forward twenty years and the two are continuing to foster their love for each other in a place that grew their love for Jesus. Beau and Erin oversee the teen camp in the Pacific Northwest during the Pacific Region of the Lutheran Brethren’s Bible Camp week at Warm Beach.

Their story of being involved in camp ministry isn’t smooth. After graduating high school and pursuing college, the two were married and started to look for outlets of ministry together. In committing to the place that fostered their relationship, they were disappointed with the care and attention that was given to some of the youth. It felt as if the leadership had forgotten what it looked like to have fun.

Beau and Erin started on a long road of involvement with camp. They committed to joining the camp board, arrived early at camp to do tasks few wanted to do, and started volunteering countless hours to run games, do the night shift, and pray over the students of the camp. Their commitment earned favor in the eyes of leadership, who saw conviction in the two as they labored to enhance camp as a place for faith formation.

With their foot in the door running menial tasks, the two were eventually granted directorship over the youth portion. They have enhanced the games and activities at Warm Beach, bringing in gladiator-style games that help campers build relationships with their counselors. Their relational approach is seen by many as a parental presence in camp leadership, and they are tirelessly working to have the camp experience be relevant for teens to build their trust in Jesus.

Beau and Erin are now looking for the next generation of leaders. Do you have a love for camp ministry? Contact Beau and Erin to apply to join their leadership team this coming summer.

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