Isaiah was born and raised in Shanghai, China. At the age of 18, he attended the University of Oregon. Sensing the call to Christian ministry, he transferred to New Hope Christian College and earned the Bachelor of Science in Pastoral Ministry. He served in Immanuel Lutheran Church of Eugene as a pastoral intern under Dr. Daniel Berge. Dr. Berge introduced LBS President Dr. Veum to Isaiah. Isaiah decided to pursue the Master of Divinity degree from LBS in 2017. He studied online for his first year, then moved to Fergus Falls, Minnesota in 2018 to attend seminary onsite.

Isaiah says of LBS, “I appreciate that I’ve gotten to know the CLB family and the seminary. As a student, I never felt alone on my journey to be a pastor because I am trained and taught by professors who went through the very same stages as us students. I also owe a debt to my fellow classmates with whom I share the yoke of ministry. Attending LBS is not just getting a degree, but also building fellowship among the future laborers of the harvest.”

Isaiah married Kaitlin in 2015 and they have two daughters: Hannah and Samantha. Currently Isaiah is in the call process and looks forward to full-time ministry.

Christopher was born in Greeley, Colorado, and moved to Texas 20 years later in 2003. He has been married to his wonderful wife Heather for the past 12-1/2 years, and currently lives in Buda, Texas.

Even from a young age, Chris heard the call to service of the Lord Jesus, and his command to “go into all the world and preach the gospel to all creation” rings loud and clear to Chris. When Chris first heard the gospel, he says, “It was like a veil was lifted and I was set on the path to bring the Good News, the gospel, to other sinful people.” Chris sees the plan of God over his life—whether from a pulpit, street corner, or social media—to proclaim the gospel in word and deed.

To this end, Chris has plans in place to go abroad—first a seven-day revival in Nigeria, then Mexico, while also remaining passionate to witness to his neighbors at home. Chris is currently working on starting up III Lions Evangelistic Organization, to carry out the evangelistic vision given to him at a young age, which still drives him today.

David attended the Free Lutheran Bible College in Plymouth, Minnesota for two years, spent a year in independent study while working as Youth Director for an AFLC church in Illinois, moved to Sioux Falls, South Dakota, where he finished his B.A. at Augustana University, and subsequently completed his M.Div. from LBS by working part-time for five years via distance education.

  David is appreciative of his education at LBS: “I was given a profound humility through seminary as I learned from professors far smarter than I, while being pushed to remain curious and dogged in pursuit of truth in Christ. But also, while I would have described my interest in theology as more academic when I entered seminary, I find my views to be much more pastoral and richly Christ-centered leaving seminary.”

David is married with two daughters and continues to live in Sioux Falls where he and his wife operate a photography business. David is praying and discussing the possibility of church-planting in the Sioux Falls community in the coming years.

Matthew grew up in Tioga, North Dakota, where he was home schooled in a Christian family. He has been married to wife Julia for the last six years and they have two children: Thor and Phoebe.

After high school, Matt moved to Plymouth, Minnesota where he attended the Association Free Lutheran Bible School (now Free Lutheran Bible College) earning diplomas in biblical studies (2009) and Christian ministry (2010). He also earned a Bachelor of Science in Christian Ministry (2016) and a Master of Arts in Christian Studies (2017) from Crown College while he served as a youth/associate pastor in Tioga, North Dakota (2010-2017). Since beginning seminary Matt has served at Stavanger Lutheran Church in Fergus Falls, Minnesota as associate pastor. Matt is currently looking forward to serving a church full-time in a pastoral role this fall.

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