Daily Prayer Notes


Pray for good health for Matt and Christina Smith and their children. A family of 7 can easily be hit with sickness, and they want to maximize their time in French with little distraction. Happy 13th birthday Mcclellan.


Pray for Jeremy and Sallee as they administer the Welcome Center. Pray for positive relationships with their workers and for good health for all the staff. Pray for their daughters, Olivia and Abigail at Hillcrest Lutheran Academy.


Pray for couples and families who are sensing God's call to overseas mission work. Pray for them as they pursue education and seek a base of support among God's people.


Ben and Sara Hosch with children, Adelaide, Emery, Winnie and Etta write, "As we improve in our Chinese, more and more people want to talk with us. Pray for time, energy, and opportunities to make friends with non-Christians and be able to communicate the gospel well." Happy 4th birthday to Winnie!


Pray for Dean and Linda Bengtson as they invite neighbors and prepare for the 3/11 Memorial events in March.  This will be the 8th anniversary of the tsunami that devastated the town of Ishinomaki and the entire area. Residents are still feeling the impact of that tragedy. Pray that the Japanese...


Pray for David and Sonja, Nate, Eva, Boeden, and Ivan, living in a remote village. Pray that God will continue blessing their relationships with the villagers and for their continued language advancement. Pray for good health and stamina for life in the village.