July 1, 2018 marks the beginning of Dr. Brad Pribbenow’s appointment to serve as the Dean of Lutheran Brethren Seminary. He was appointed to this position by the Board of LBS at their April 2018 meeting.

Just what does a Seminary Dean do? The LBS Mission Statement for this position states: “The Dean serves the Lutheran Brethren Seminary, its mission, purpose, and objectives by ensuring the academic, biblical, and theological integrity of the LBS program and by ensuring that the institutional objectives are accomplished in each of its programs of study.”

Dr. Pribbenow comes to this position with an educational background both academically (Bachelor of Music Education) and professionally. He is no stranger to the world of students, having served on the InterVarsity Campus Staff for five years. He has been on the LBS faculty since 2011 (in 2018 granted a continuing call), teaching courses in Old Testament and Worship, and serving as Associate Dean in 2017-2018. He completed the Ph.D. in Biblical Studies with an emphasis in Old Testament at Concordia Seminary, St. Louis. His Ph.D. dissertation is now published in revised form as Prayerbook of Christ: Dietrich Bonhoeffer’s Christological Interpretation of the Psalms (Fortress Press, August 31, 2018). During his doctoral studies he also served as a teaching assistant.

As a graduate of LBS (M.Div., 2008) and a member of the faculty, he has familiarity with the Seminary, its heritage, its mission, and way of operating—all of which are important for the calling of Dean. Dr. Pribbenow understands and embraces the mission of the Seminary. He embraces without reservation the Church of the Lutheran Brethren’s Statement of Faith and its implications for the teaching of the Seminary. He understands the various disciplines and how they integrate in the overall curriculum.

As an ordained pastor in the CLB he has familiarity with the Church, enabling him to serve as a bridge between the Seminary and the Church. He has served as Worship Arts Director (Bethesda Lutheran Brethren Church, Eau Claire, WI), Associate Pastor of Worship and Outreach (Bethel Lutheran, Fergus Falls, MN), and currently part-time Minister of Music (Bethel Lutheran, Battle Lake Campus). He has presented numerous seminars throughout the Church on worship and on the Psalms.

As the Dean he provides dynamic, strategic leadership for the development and implementation of academic programs and student support services. He facilitates an environment where faculty are supported, mentored, encouraged and developed in their calling as teachers and in their working together as a team in fulfilling the mission of the Seminary. In a time of advancing technology, theological education faces the challenge of remaining faithful to its mission.

Dr. Pribbenow is committed to lead LBS to be faithful as a seminary called by the Church of the Lutheran Brethren to serve the Church and world by living in and preparing others to live in the gospel of Jesus Christ and his call to participate in his mission of grace to bless all nations. The Seminary prepares people to enter the diverse cultural contexts of the world through particular ministries as Christ’s servants shaped by his words and wounds, speaking his gospel in word and deed. The Seminary approaches its ministry in dependence on the Triune God who speaks truth through his inspired Scriptures.

It is a blessing to have Professor Pribbenow on our faculty and to have worked together administratively this past year as he served as Associate Dean. God has equipped him with the qualities and skills to serve as Dean, for which we are grateful. He is passionate that our Seminary be faithful to Holy Scripture in preparing our students to go forth well-equipped into all the world with the message of the saving gospel of Jesus Christ.

Dr. Pribbenow will continue to serve as a teaching member of the faculty, teaching courses in the Old Testament and Worship. Brad is married to Melissa and they have four children Emily, Elias, Elliot, and Elise. We pray for God’s blessing on him as he serves as Dean and Professor at Lutheran Brethren Seminary.

Dr. Eugene Boe, Ph.D. serves Lutheran Brethren Seminary as Research Professor of Systematic and Historical Theology. He served as dean from 1998-2018.

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