Tysdal Action Photo

Rev. Troy Tysdal is Director of Communications and Prayer for the Church of the Lutheran Brethren and serves as editor in chief of Faith & Fellowship magazine. He was born in Fergus Falls, Minnesota. He was baptized as an infant but turned away from the faith. Through the outreach of Lutheran Brethren congregations he heard the Gospel faithfully proclaimed and received Jesus Christ as his Savior. Troy earned an Associate in Communication Art and Design from Alexandria Technical College in Alexandria, Minnesota, a Bachelor of Arts in Religion from Faith International University in Tacoma, Washington, and a Master of Divinity from Lutheran Brethren Seminary in Fergus Falls, Minnesota. He has served as Associate Pastor at Stavanger Lutheran Church (2008-2012), President of Messiah Lutheran Church (2017-18), and as Pastor of Chippewa Lutheran Church (2018-Present). He and his wife Katie live in Fergus Falls. They have two children.

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