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Resources for Going Digital


On March 12, I had my final conversations with various leaders about, should we or should we not, do an all-nighter that was planned for March 13 and the consensus was that we were greenlighted to do that event, and it was a success.

It was a day later that quarantine orders around the country began to happen and I realized that the event we had just held was likely the last of its kind for some time to come. Since then we, as a church, have been transitioning to as much online ministry as possible.

The links below are a series of resources for youth ministry as we lead a Digital Youth Ministry.

Rev. Mark Johannesen
Youth Ministries Communications

Youth Ministry Zoom Meeting:

Zoom Meeting 3/26/20

Receive guidance from CLB youth workers as they share technology and relationship building ideas.

Youth Ministry Resources

HUGE group

A youth ministry community designed to help you grow.


An online community for disciples who want to make disciples.


Free COVID-19 bumper videos for youth workers and churches.

Youth Group at Home

This video gives guidance on how to hold youth group from home.

Gathering Digitally

Four unexpected ways to gather… when you can’t.

Paul Tripp Writes on Fear

Wise words to share with kids on fear.

Apologetic Resources

How to discuss hard subjects about faith.


The Skit Guys offer bed time stories you can share with your youth.

Bible Study

A helpful video for live streaming your Bible study.

Bringing Youth Group to You

Take Youth Group to your students at home… for free.

Dig Deeper

Six ways to help students understand current events.

A Digital Experience

Ideas on how you could continue to reach students and parents.

The New Virtual Reality

A video on how to disciple people online.

Online Ministry Ideas

Online Ministry shares games and ideas for keeping your youth group engaged.