Coronavirus Response 

Ministry During the Coronavirus

The Coronavirus COVID-19 Outbreak is greatly impacting the world in many ways: in addition to the spread of the actual virus, there are other dangers associated with it—misinformation, confusion, politicization, and fear. It’s a time when major decisions have to be made in your church on a daily basis and your communities are watching and waiting for you to provide wise leadership. We’ve found some resources to help you navigate the challenging dynamics of this situation.

Office of the President

Pastoral Letter from President Larson

President Paul Larson pens a letter of encouragment to CLB congregations.

A Message from President Larson

A video devotion and word of encouragement from President Paul Larson.

Statement on Communion

The Theological Council provides recommendations for Communion during Covid-19.
Updated 4/4/20

Ministry Resources

Disciple-Making During Covid-19

Nick Mundis and Phil Heiser offer resources for disciple-making during Covid-19 and beyond.

CDC Resources for Community Leaders

The CDC provides interim guidance for community and faith leaders.

A Guide for Christian Leaders

Andy Crouch is partner for theology and culture at Praxis.

Preparing Your Church

Wheaton College provides a research page to help churches better respond.

Coronavirus and the Church

Rick Warren and Ed Stetzer offer guidance to ministry leaders.

Youth Ministry Resources

Helpful links to keep your youth group meeting and engaged.

Frequently Asked Questions

The coronavirus explained by an infectious disease expert and pastor. 

Taking Church Online

The Basics of Live Streaming

What do I need? What cameras can I use? Do I need a computer? Is it affordable?

Taking Church Online

Jay Kim serves on staff at Vintage Faith Church in Santa Cruz, California.

Live Stream: A Practical Guide

How to move from a physical location to an online gathering. 

How to Start a Facebook Group

Pastor Mike Natale leads us through the basics of starting a Facebook group.

How to Create a Website

Pastor Dan Stenberg walks us through the basics of setting up a website.


The worship link below is updated every Friday. It includes service times given to us by CLB congregations, and may not reflect the latest changes or information.

Recorded or Live Streamed Services

A list of CLB congregations recording or live streaming their worship services.

Tithes and Offerings During Crisis

Joh Wright of Generis offers a checklist for contribution communication in Crisis.

Video #5: 3/27/20

Video #1: 3/13/20

Ryan Nilsen addresses the CLB in the wake of the Coronavirus outbreak.

Video #4: 3/24/20

Ryan Nilsen encourages pastors to protect their boundaries.

Video #2: 3/17/20

Ryan Nilsen talks about the Church moving from those gathered to those scattered.

Video #3: 3/20/20

Ryan Nilsen encourages pastors to stay in contact with their congregation.

Join the Conversation

North American Mission is hosting a series of online conversations that focus on specific issues related to the coronavirus. We will have time for sharing information and asking questions during each session.

Our next conversation will be on Wednesday, April  8 at 2:00pm (CDT).

Conversation #1

On March 18, Dr. Andrew Heggland provided insight on the Coronavirus.

Conversation #3.A

On March 31, professional videographer Micah Nordtvedt provided a master class style workshop in producing Facebook Live videos.

Conversation #2.A

On March 25, Jon Wright provides valuable insight on fundraising during crisis.

Conversation #3.B

On March 31, professional videographer Micah Nordtvedt provided a master class style workshop in producing Facebook Live videos.

Conversation #2.B

On March 25, Tim Mathiesen offers insight on moving your service online.

Conversation #4

On April 1, Regional Preparedness Coordinator Paul Rabeug gave instruction and advice on supporting community emergency services.