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Equipping, teaching, loving, and serving the next generation, one teen at a time.

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Fall is nearly gone.  Winter is nearly upon us.  The days have certainly become short enough.  The music in stores and on Sunday mornings has changed to the familiarly sugary or introspective Christmas songs of tradition. Soon ministry programs aside from the...

Re-purposed, Not Out

“This isn’t fair!” I hate to admit it, but sometimes I feel like these words are running on repeat over and over again in my head every time I watch my husband walk out the door for another youth event. It doesn’t matter what it is, a devotion, lunch date, meeting, or...

Relational Ministry is Vital for your Teenagers

Today, I picked up my son from preschool and we headed into the country. There is a wildlife refuge a half-hour north of our home and I like to take him up there from time to time to get out, run around, and count how many ducks, geese, and pheasants we can spot. He...

Relational Ministry is Vital for You

I’m going to take an opportunity to confess something - I blow it in ministry a lot. I am often hypocritical and selfish and really good at not practicing what I preach. Summer of 2016, I broke one of my cardinal rules that I ask of every speaker or volunteer I have...



  RECHARGE is a youth workers training event held in 5 Midwest cities each winter. The Central Region is sponsoring the attendance of CLB youth workers at the Twin Cities event on January 6th AND at the Fargo event on January 13th To learn about the main room...

Your Youth Ministry Voice

Youth Blog - Your Youth Ministry Voice from Church of the Lutheran Brethren on Vimeo. For the last ten years I’ve been serving the CLB on a part time basis doing youth ministry communications on behalf of our church family and for the benefit primarily of our youth...

CLB Young Adults Survey

Church of the Lutheran Brethren Young Adults Survey Six months ago a task force was assembled by the leadership of the Church of the Lutheran Brethren to evaluate the effectiveness of young adult ministry and mission and to make recommendations back to the...