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Equipping, teaching, loving, and serving the next generation, one teen at a time.

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Splash N Dash 2019

Splash N Dash 2019

Splash N Dash 2019 - A Central Region Youth Ministry Gathering – June 14-15 On June 14-15, all CLB churches are welcome to be a part of this event. During it we will enjoy good food, worship, hear from God’s Word, spend the night at our church in Westby, Wisconsin and...

National Youth Workers Convention Recap

            Being with people who “do what I do, and love what I love” was fantastic. I was able to exchange funny stories of what happens in youth groups with others across the nation, learn about applying...



RECHARGE is a youth workers training event held in 5 Midwest cities each winter. The Central Region is sponsoring the attendance of CLB youth workers at the Twin Cities event on January 5th AND at the Fargo event on January 19th This offer is for a maximum of two...

Driving to Jesus…


As I closed out my ministry at Triumph this summer I had an opportunity to take a few students out go-karting. That sounds fun, and it was. I did my best to pass the finish line before them and at times to rub bumpers and to cut in front of them because that’s how...

Take an Interest

Take an Interest

I invite you to consider the following hypothetical stories: Picture Cory: a 14-year-old freshman in high school. He seems to be your typical suburbanite student, he plays on the JV football team, has solid grades, goes to church most Sundays and regularly goes to...


I was halfway through my fifth year of serving as the staffed youth minister of very small church.  For the first time we began to see numerical growth in the Wednesday night youth group.  This was an encouraging surprise since we had just put an end to our outreach...

Ideas to Survive a Lock-In

As a kid who grew up going to youth group, I’m sure I went to 4 or 5 all-nighters by the time I was 17.  I remember sneaking around late at night and having one of my pastors chase me down the hallway. Fast forward to when I was 22. By that time, I was a youth...