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Raising Kids During COVID-19

Raising Kids During COVID-19

On April 27th, 60 plus persons participated in a zoom call with Dr. Walt Mueller of CPYU, who helped us to navigate various issues that have arisen by COVID-19 amongst young people. See the video below:    

Corona Virus and Youth Ministry

I enjoy writing blog posts that encourage and give insights into student ministry while we point students and their families to Jesus. One of the things that I do is I keep a list of posts that I might work on at a later date. And currently, that list is about a dozen...

Confirmation Program Survey Results

Confirmation Program Survey Results Confirmation classes are an important opportunity for biblical and theological instruction for junior high (typically junior high) age students in our church family. But if you compared the teaching strategies in our churches, you...

Things I Learned with Walt Mueller at J-TERM 2020

In late January, LBS hosted J-Term, January 20-22. On the night of January 20 and during the day on January 21st, Dr. Walt Mueller of CPYU presented a number of insightful findings on youth culture, while challenging us to know our culture so we can effectively point...

Ode to Youth Group Road Trips

“Ode to Youth Group Road Trips” Written by Mark Johannesen Performed by Beau Sibuma This is dedicated to any youth worker who has ever taken a multi-day road trip with their students. Once upon a time there was a road trip to a youth conference or a missions trip One...

Ticking Off Parents

About twenty years ago, back when I was in college, one of my youth ministry professors told us in class that “parents are our greatest allies”. And as I began as a young youth director, I think I did my best to see parents in that light. But there were times when...

Starving Teens

  About 20 years ago I took my first 10 day long trip with a group of ten students. We had gone from Eagan, Minnesota to Marysville, Washington to partner with a number of Pacific Northwest CLB churches for a few outreach opportunities. In assembling the trip, I...