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Boundaries: A Roundtable Discussion

Boundaries: A Roundtable Discussion

You are invited to view a 60-minute round table discussion on boundaries. Having boundaries in ministry is such an important thing for youth workers, their spouses, their families and their churches as seven ministry leaders share from their 200 years of ministry...

Book Review: “Sticky Faith Innovation”

Book Review: “Sticky Faith Innovation”

Over the last few months, I have had a sense that there was room in our church's youth ministry to be more creative and more importantly, to be more intentional about our ministry. Shortly thereafter, I purchased the book “Sticky Faith Innovation” by Steve Argue and...


A few years back I wrote a blog post called “Well A Lot” (it can be found at, and) the point of it was to encourage youth workers to do the things that they do – “well” instead of doing “a lot”. And truly, doing things “well” for Jesus should...

Well, A Lot

I’m hoping my title was a bit confusing. I want to name two different ways of doing ministry right off the bat…. Doing it well Doing a lot of it I remember when I was 22 and just getting started at my first church how I did things. I did a lot of stuff. I hung out...

Raising Kids During COVID-19

Raising Kids During COVID-19

On April 27th, 60 plus persons participated in a zoom call with Dr. Walt Mueller of CPYU, who helped us to navigate various issues that have arisen by COVID-19 amongst young people. See the video below:    

Corona Virus and Youth Ministry

I enjoy writing blog posts that encourage and give insights into student ministry while we point students and their families to Jesus. One of the things that I do is I keep a list of posts that I might work on at a later date. And currently, that list is about a dozen...