On July 31, there are those who celebrate God’s provision of a ram to sacrifice in the place of Abraham’s son.  Pray for opportunities for our missionaries working among these peoples to share about the Lamb of God who takes away the sins of the...


Pray for Levi and Jean-Baptiste, who start teaching in the fall at the mission school.  Both are trained teachers and are believers with a heart for God’s mission.


Pray for Mrs. Yan, a Christian friend of Ethan and Sandy Christofferson. She is becoming disillusioned with her church and often needs a listening ear. Pray for wisdom and patience for Ethan and Sandy as they minister to her.


The rise of non-religious, post-Christian ways of thinking and living is strongest among young people. These emerging global youth impact urban cultures in every region of the world. Pray that the Church will more effectively communicate the gospel to them in our...