Chadian LB missionary Abel is assisting 12 farming cooperative groups near one of our mission villages in agricultural development. Pray that through these interactions he will boldly share the gospel, and that faith in Jesus will grow in the hearts and minds of his...


Mike and Delores Kittelson write, “Recently up in Yu tien Village, Lu Cai-lan expressed the desire to believe in Jesus. Pray that she will continue to progress to deeper and clearer faith.”


Pray that Joel and Liz can find suitable short-term housing in the Minneapolis area as they wait for their host country in Asia to reopen to US citizens.  May this be a fruitful time of enjoying and ministering to their extended family in the US.


As Japan wrestles with a 2nd wave of the Coronavirus, pray for protection and creative ministry ideas at House of Hope and for all the JLBC churches. Pray for God’s special encouragement as people feel more and more isolated.