Continue to pray for two families who are preparing for cross-cultural mission work with LBIM. Pray for their training and for the raising of financial and prayer support through our churches.


Pray for the monthly Bible time with Pastor Zeniya, held at House of Hope in Ishinomaki. Pray for Dean and Linda Bengtson’s neighbors who attend, that the Holy Spirit illuminate their hearts with the truth of God’s Word.


Fàn jīn qín and her son, Zhāng zǐ chéng received baptism last November. Pray for them as Mike and Delores Kittelson encourage them in their faith walk with Jesus.


Paul asks for prayer for the village chief and his son, who is the construction foreman for the mission in his village. Paul’s relationship with them has grown strained, and the chief has gotten more controlling over the management of the mission station as...