Chaplain Greg Solberg is soon to be deployed to Afghanistan where he will serve for most of this year. Pray for blessing in his ministry and for protection as he serves the cause of the gospel there. Also pray for his wife Michelle as she parents alone in Greg’s...


Pray for Matt and Christina Smith as they prepare for their first exams which will determine if they move up to the next level. Pray for good recall and clear thinking.


Dean and Linda Bengtson plan to fly to the US today for home assignment. However, the spread of the coronavirus in Japan may change their plans. Pray for our missionaries in Asia and that this virus will be brought under control.


April 4th is Tomb Sweeping Day, a day for honoring ancestors. Pray for Christians to show honor and respect as they are with their families, and for effective gospel witness to take place.


Joel and Liz are temporarily back in Minnesota while waiting for the coronavirus situation to settle in Asia.  Pray for wisdom and discernment regarding the right time to return to ministry overseas.