Pray for David and Sonja as they continue to visit churches, reporting on their first term in the Chadian village. Pray that their home assignment will be refreshing and they can enjoy quality family time.


Dean and Linda Bengtson ask prayer for a neighbor who had cancer surgery that removed most of her stomach. She is struggling with her treatments and is unable to eat. Another neighbor, Linda’s hairdresser, also asked for prayer. Please pray for both of these women...

Sixth Sunday of Easter

6th Sunday of Easter (Series B) May 9th, 2021 Gospel: John 15:9-17 Epistle: 1 John 4:1-11 [5:1-8] Lesson: Acts 11:19-30 [10:34-48] Psalm: Psalm 98 CLB Commentary on the Gospel Text by Dr. David Veum (originally published in 2012) Verses 9 & 10 seem to introduce a...


Pray for the Stanton family during a busy time of travel and transition. Jeremy and Sallee will be Stateside for daughter Abigail’s graduation from Hillcrest. Before returning to Chad, they will then help both Olivia and Abigail move to Wisconsin.