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Youth are the future of our churches and they are the present of our churches. I’m guessing your hope is that your church is as effective as possible in reaching out to teens. The Church of the Lutheran Brethren wants to come alongside you in that vision.

My name is Mark Johannesen and I am the associate pastor at True Life Church (CLB) in Rochester MN. I am no expert, but I love teens and hope to pass on my years of experience to the youth workers of the CLB. In addition I serve the CLBA as the Youth Ministries Communications point person.

I am as frequently as possible in touch with youth workers throughout the Church of the Lutheran Brethren. The information that I gain from those conversations results in a blog here at CLBA.org. If you’re on Facebook look us up at CLB Youth Workers group.

While I get the privilege of helping to connect youth workers nationally, we have 5 regions that seek to do the same within their regions and we have several organizations that seek to support churches as well.

I invite you to watch this 45 minute long video of some of the other national and regional leaders as they share about their ministries. If you desire to contact any of them, their contact info is available following the video.

Thanks in advance,

Mark Johannesen
[email protected]


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