The calling of the Office of the President is to provide leadership in fulfilling the mission of the Church of the Lutheran Brethren. It’s all about the church – and the leaders who serve Christ’s church. Care and concern for God’s people reside at the heart of the Office of President for the CLB.

Congregations are Critical

Congregational vitality and health is a President’s Office priority, offering coaching for growth, assistance during pastoral transition, and consulting during conflict. Spiritual resources, such as Prayer and Witness Retreats, are designed to help congregations fulfill their calling and vision.

Pastors are Strategic

Assisting pastors to effectively serve congregations and communities is the role in which the President’s Office invests the most time: listening, advising, and praying.

Mission is the Heart of Ministry

Worldwide evangelism is the leadership emphasis from the Office of the President during this Decade of Evangelism. Mission is at the heart of our ministry.


Paul Larson, CLB President

President Larson was born in Clearbrook, MN and raised in his faith at Elim LBC. After high school, he attended the CLB Bible College in Fergus Falls, MN. He graduated from Rocky Mountain College in Billings, MT, where he served as youth director for Yellowstone LBC. 

In 1988 he graduated from Lutheran Brethren Seminary with a Master of Divinity degree. President Larson was a church-planting pastor at Word of Life LBC in Fort Collins, CO. He has also served as senior pastor for congregations in Fullerton, CA and Eau Claire, WI. He and his wife Bee live in Fergus Falls, MN. They have five children.