Pacific Region:

The Pacific Region of the Church of the Lutheran Brethren is a group of congregations in the states of Washington, Idaho, Oregon, California, Arizona, and Texas. We work together to do what we cannot do as separate congregations.

The regional pastor for the Pacific Region is Rev. Stan Olsen. Watch an update from Stan in the video, and read his short bio below.

Pacific Region website:

Regional Pastor

Regional Pastor Stan and Cheryl Olsen

Regional Pastor Stan and Cheryl Olsen

Rev. Stanley "Stan" Olsen

Pastor Olsen has previously served as the Director for Clergy and Congregational Relations for the CLB. He also served as the Director of Operations for Lutheran Brethren Home Missions and North American Mission, a post he filled for nine years. He has served congregations in Washington, Wisconsin and New York. He is married to Cheryl. They have five adult children.