J-Term 2014

  • Lutheran Brethren Seminary 815 W. Vernon Ave Fergus Falls, MN 56537

“Bringing the Light to the Darkest Places”

Lutheran Brethren Seminary (visit website) will hold its annual J-Term beginning Monday, January 20 at 1:30 pm and continuing until Wednesday, January 22 at noon. The eight, 90-minute lectures will take place at the Seminary (815 West Vernon Ave., Fergus Falls - GOOGLE MAP).

The theme is “Bringing the Light to the Darkest Places”.


Monday, January 20

  • Session 1 (1:30-3:00 PM)
    Ministry of Advancement
    Presenter: Rev. Joel Egge, President, Church of the Lutheran Brethren
  • Session 2 (3:30-5:00 PM)
    A Call to Ministry to Muslims
    Presenter: Dan Venberg, International Missions, Church of the Lutheran Brethren

Tuesday, January 21

  • Session 3 (8:30-10:00 AM)
    Demon Possession and Spiritual Warfare in the Gospels
    Presenter: Dr. Robert Bennett
  • Session 4 (10:30-12:00 PM)
    Demon Possession and Spiritual Warfare in Pauline Literature
    Presenter: Dr. Tom Sappington
  • Session 5 (1:30-3:00 PM)
    True Accounts from the Lutheran Church of Madagascar
    Presenter: Dr. Robert Bennett
  • Session 6 (3:30-5:00 PM)
    Spiritual Warfare Panel Discussion
    Participants: Dr. Robert Bennett, Dan Venberg, Rev. Jim Erickson, Rev. Don Raun, Rev. Ron Erickson
    Moderator: Dr. David Veum
  • Dr. Robert Bennett is the Administrative Pastor at Trinity Lutheran Church in Reese, MI. He also serves as Adjunct Professor of Missions at Concordia Theological Seminary, Fort Wayne, IN. He has served as a missionary in Madagascar. He will be speaking to us on the topic of Spiritual Warfare, as based on his study and missionary experiences described in his book, I Am Not Afraid: Demon Possession and Spiritual Warfare.
  • Dr. Tom Sappington, Th.D., Wycliffe College, University of Toronto, M.Div., Trinity Evangelical Divinity School, was involved in pastoral ministry for 9 years before being called to ministry in the predominantly Muslim country of Indonesia, where he and his wife served for 15 years in Central Java. During his year in Indonesia, he taught various courses in New Testament, Spiritual Conflict and Pastoral Ministry at 6 branches of the Evangelical Theological Seminary of Indonesia. In addition, he founded “Ambassadors of Renewal,” a ministry that brings renewal, healing and deliverance to pastors and other church leaders in Indonesia, and trains them to use these ministries in the context of their local church.

Wednesday, January 22

  • Session 7 (8:30-10:00 AM)
    A Biblical Counseling Approach to Addictions
    Presenter: Edward T. Welch
  • Session 8 (10:30-12:00 PM)
    Celebrate Recovery – A Christ-Centered Recovery Program
    Presenter: Rev. Jim Erickson
    An overview of the Celebrate Recovery program in Action at Calvary Community Church, Fullerton, CA.
  • Edward T. Welch is a counselor and faculty member at CCEF. He earned a Ph.D. in counseling (neuropsychology) from the University of Utah and has a Master of Divinity degree from Biblical Theological Seminary. Ed had been counseling for over 30 years and has written extensively on the topics of depression, fear, and addictions.


J-Term Tuition: Tuition costs for J-Term are $10/each session or $75 for the entire J-Term. Retired pastors and their wives are welcome to attend the lectures tuition-free.

For more information or to register please call (218) 739-3375 or email: lbs@lbs.edu