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Regional Pastors

Quite often our Regional Pastors and their wives are on the road visiting the churches and pastors in their respective regions. Pray for safety for them as they travel and for the relationships they are cultivating with the pastors and church leaders in their care.


Pray for Dr. Gene Boe as he meets with pastors from the Church of the Lutheran Brethren Canada in Medicine Hat, AB and teaches on the subject of “Preaching to the Heart.” Pray that those attending will be strengthened in their preaching through Dr. Boe’s teaching.

Jevnaker, Borup, MN

Pray for our young families, some of whom attend church only once a month. Pray that God will become a priority and that we will see them regularly each week. Pray that their children will attend Sunday School so that they can grow in the knowledge of our Lord and savior.