Pacific Region

LBS Class of 2015

BRENT ANDREWS Brent’s background includes work as a public school librarian, a middle school teacher, and a specialist in technology. He has a Bachelor of Arts in Music and a Master of Arts in Library Science. He is married to Kari. Brent and Kari serve as foster parents. His daughter, Micaela, is a college junior.

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Missionary Update: A Tale of Two Children

One night we were settling down to sleep, enjoying the night breeze which offered relief from the long hot day, when Carrie and I heard the familiar greeting “Salam alekoum” right outside of our door. Two women had come to speak with us, robed in black, their head veils pulled down low over their faces.

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Opposition from Within

The Church faces opposition. It is natural for us to focus our attention on outside forces aligned against the Church. For example, Christians experience opposition from human authorities, from their own families, and from death. But there is also another source of opposition. The story of the rich young ruler exposes the opposition we all

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