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Is It Soup Yet?

This analogy probably wasn’t George Barna’s in the first place, but he brought it to my attention with the title of his book The Frog in the Kettle. The idea is that if you drop a frog into a shallow kettle of boiling water, the frog won’t die. It will react to the heat and

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Christmas: It’s Not Just a Day!

By late September every year, Christians start posting reactions on Facebook and Twitter about something that is making less and less sense to me every year. They react to the consumeristic reality of Christmas as stores line their shelves with Christmas decorations weeks before Halloween (sorry, I meant Reformation Day!). But as I understand Christmas

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In the Hands of God

God has given us permission to bring everything to him in prayer. Nothing is too big, nothing too small. He has promised that he will hear us; he has asked us to come boldly. What we ask in faith as we pray, we shall receive, he says. Faith is confidence. Faith does not command. In

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