IPoints Equips with Walt Mueller

For about three years of my pastoral life, youth ministry was not the primary ministry hat I wore because I was serving in a Sr. Pastor role but soon after I returned into a youth ministry dominant role I was challenged by how so many things had changed in youth culture.  If you want to

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parenting concept

In the Hands of God

God has given us permission to bring everything to him in prayer. Nothing is too big, nothing too small. He has promised that he will hear us; he has asked us to come boldly. What we ask in faith as we pray, we shall receive, he says. Faith is confidence. Faith does not command. In

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Noah's Ark

The Flood is Coming!

Noah’s Ark As a child, when I pushed the limit, my father would warn me, “You are walking on thin ice!” When I heard his warning I knew I had a limited amount of time to change my ways. If I pushed him to his breaking point, if I fell through the ice, there would

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Scripture Alone

It’s Monday morning and the ringing of the alarm doesn’t bring the usual dread of another day starting. No, this morning is different than most Monday mornings. Today begins a new chapter—the first day at your new job. As you get out of bed, and begin getting ready, you feel a mix of excitement and

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