Fire exit light sign

The Exit

After a few months of exploring options my family chose to change the school that our daughter attends from a public school to a Christian school. I’ve always been pro-public school, and I still am, but this time I’m at a crossroad with our local school system, and my daughter is very much on the

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CLB California

Praising God for His love and faithfulness in our California churches. This past weekend (November 7-8), Regional Pastor Phil & Wendy Heiser were able to visit with all four of our California pastors. On Saturday, they were able to visit with Joshua Amberson (photo upper-right) and hear his passion about leading our Fontana church in

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IPoints Equips with Walt Mueller

For about three years of my pastoral life, youth ministry was not the primary ministry hat I wore because I was serving in a Sr. Pastor role but soon after I returned into a youth ministry dominant role I was challenged by how so many things had changed in youth culture.  If you want to

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