Bethel, Grand Forks, ND

Bethel Church hosts college students in the “Big Event” today. The Big Event is a college service day where students give back to the local communities near their campuses by serving in a variety of ways. Pray that these students will be pointed towards Jesus as the Bethel family connects with them through these service projects.

Inserting Power Cord Receptacle in wall outlet

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A young woman, accused of several evil deeds, stood before a judge. At the end of her trial, the judge asked if she had a final word to say in her defense. The accused sat battling tears. It was evident that there was something on her mind. With stammering tongue, she was finally able to

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Cappuccino art

Set Free to Love

A few months ago, I received a call from a young man whom I had met through a mutual friend. The man asked if I would be willing to join him for a cup of coffee, and I agreed. I had no idea what was on his mind, but I suspected it had something to

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Cross radiates light in sky

… by Hope We Continue

What is Christian hope? What is it that we hope for? And what is the basis for such hope? While commenting on Galatians, Martin Luther says this: “Faith and hope are different affections, for faith is not hope nor hope faith; and yet, because of the great affinity that exists between them, it is impossible

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Delicate cream rose on wooden table

Love is ______.

At the height of America’s debate in the summer of 2015 I saw a young adult walk into a Burger King wearing a t-shirt that said Love is Love. The statement hit me between the eyes. I couldn’t shake the power of it. The t-shirt was clear and definitive. My stomach rumbled as the smell

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Worn wooden cross with rope hanging on teal blue background

Where Is Your Passion?

“Therefore go and make disciples of all nations” (Matthew 28:19). We call these words the great commission, yet so many people seem to misunderstand them: “Jesus was speaking only to the ‘Eleven’ (disciples) on that mountain.” “Maybe he’s talking to the few who have been specifically gifted as missionaries and evangelists, but not to me.

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Steve Brue

Hillcrest President to Step Down

Rev. Steven J. Brue, president of Hillcrest Lutheran Academy in Fergus Falls, Minnesota, is stepping down from the President’s Office effective June 30, 2016. “After prayerful consideration, I have submitted my letter of resignation to the HLA Board of Directors as President of Hillcrest Lutheran Academy. An opportunity has come to be directly involved with

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