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Wrestle with God

No one lives in such solitude that God has not entrusted to him or her the responsibility for someone else. He leads people into our lives. One day we will have to give an account for them. Many try to isolate themselves so that they may evade responsibility for others. But the responsibility remains. You

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Find an Outlet

A young woman, accused of several evil deeds, stood before a judge. At the end of her trial, the judge asked if she had a final word to say in her defense. The accused sat battling tears. It was evident that there was something on her mind. With stammering tongue, she was finally able to

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He Died for You!

Before the morning star heralded the dawning of the first day, before the creation of the first man, the eternal God had in his unbounded love determined that Christ was to die for the ungodly. Our salvation is then a product of God’s free and eternal counsel. This is the rock foundation on which we

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